North Alabama

GermanBowl MVP


Oklahoma State - NFL Jets 2008



4 times All-American Division 1 FCS


Penn State - NFL Browns 2008


The Citadel - All-Conference


University of Michigan - NFL Saints, Bengals, Lions 2008-2009


University of Cincinnati, All-Big-East


Central Michigan University - NFL Ravens 2007


University of Iowa


Penn State University – All-American

NFL Draft 3rd round pick by Tennessee Titans


Utah State - All-WAC


University of Maryland

All-ACC - NFL Seahawks 2009



North Alabama - CFL Stampeders 2010


Penn State University

All-Big Ten / NFL Lions - Jets

NFL Rodney Kinlaw Lions

NFL Detroit Lions logo

NFL Europe Admirals 2007 - GermanBowl MVP 2008 


Western Michigan University

NFL Giants / NFL Chiefs

Londen Fryar NY Giants

New York Giants

NFL Packers, Cowboys, Bengals 2006-2008

University of Cincinnati

All-Big East / NFL Draft 7th round

NFL Patriots

Angelo Craig NFL Patriots

NFL NE Patriots Logo

Ole Miss - NFL Packers


Oklahoma Sooners

All-Big 12 / NFL Falcons

University of Houston - NFL Saints, Dolphins 2008-2009


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