The Road to the Eurobowl final starts 9 months earlier with players scouting around the world




FOLLOWING a 2009 season where PFI exceeded its expectations, scouts are currently working on recruiting players and coaches for season 2010. The past season, PFI has worked with 11 teams to provide them with the most competitive players on the market at the time. Amongst others, the highlight of the season was PFI connecting CJ BJORK - NFL Cowboys'06, Packers'07, Bengals'08 - with the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes in GFL, PFI standout DL Tim HUNT (6'5 285lbs) winning the Eurobowl'09 with the SWARCO Raiders and All-American Division-1 Tony LEZOTTE reaching the EFAF Cup final with Thonon-les-Bains.


In 2010, PFI will work again closely with the #1 team in Europe along with the European top 20 in the 5 most competitive Leagues around Europe.

Scouts already have selected former CFL players, 2009 NFL camps players and top US players with proven records in Division 1, Arena or in Leagues around Europe. PFI select players carefully so that they fit perfectly with European organizations. "We are very excited to see this group of players perform in Europe. It is the most outstanding group we've have seen play in Europe in years. There are great players out there with amazing skills all passionate about the game. There is just not enough spots for all talented players in NFL or CFL. European football is a great opportunity for these guys to sharpen their skills and get great exposure" confirmed PFI's CEO Yoan SCHNEE.


PFI also worked on sending European top athletes to North-American colleges and had Safety Daniel SCHOBER recruited by the 4-times college champions in Canada.


In 2010 again, PFI is committed to recruit outstanding players with great character to perform and insure the success of their team.




2 times Eurobowl Champion Coach Carrillo knows the importance
of extensive off-season scouting to get an edge in European football
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