David McCants - GermanBowl 2009 MVP
Berlin Adler David McCants receives the GermanBowl 2009
MVP trophy after a thrilling win over the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

FRANKFURT, GERMANY - OCTOBER 2, 2009 -- Following the steps of Braunschweig Lions running-back Michael Andrew a year ago, David McCants was the second PFI player to receive the prestigious GermanBowl MVP award in as many years.

Coming off of a standout season with the Berlin Adler, McCants won the first championship of his football career in front of crowd of 17,000 fans. Recruited by PFI scouts in May, McCants signed in June with the Adler to fill-in for injured former New York Jets running-back Tony Hollings. McCants ran for 931 yards and 9 touchdowns in only 8 games with an impressive 7.6 yards per carry, adding 21 catches for 248 yards and a score.

He finished the GermanBowl with 140 yards total and 2 touchdowns both in the 4th quarter of a thrilling comeback win. Berlin overcame an 8 point deficit with 11 minutes left in the game to win 28-21.

“I always give credit to the big guys, they did a tremendous job blocking all season long” said McCants after earning one of the top awards in European football. “I really appreciated the great experience abroad and all the good memories, this is really a highlight of my career” said the former North Alabama running-back .

In 2008, Michael Andrew also posted a 7.6 yard per carry average on the season with 980 yards and 14 touchdowns in only 8 games. Andrew earned the GermanBowl XXX MVP after running 149 yards, adding two scores in the Lions victory over the Hurricanes.


2008 German Bowl MVP Michael Andrew made a name for himself around Europe after an outsanding first GFL season.
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