PRO FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL has been working with top 20 programs
in Europe including the #1 SWARCO RAIDERS



PRO FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2008 by Yoan SCHNEE, a former NFL Europe veteran and master in financial engineering graduate. Schnee started for the Amsterdam Admirals from 2003 to 2007 and won the 2005 World Bowl with numerous players competing in the NFL now (DB Atari Bigby - San Diego Chargers, WR Ruvell Martin - Seattle Seahawks, QB Gibran Hamdan - Buffalo Bills...). Schnee also competed with NFL defensive MVP LB James Harrison with the Rhein Fire team in 2004.

Playing his college career at the University Tennessee at Chattanooga, Schnee graduated with a B.A. in Finance and B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics. He furthered his education with a Masters degree in Financial Engineering. After a short time working on the French stock markets, Schnee successfully worked through numerous mini-camps for the NFL Europe in Europe and Florida to finally sign with the Amsterdam franchise in 2003. He competed through the 2007 season with 20 catches 139 yards and 1 touchdown.

Schnee's football experience and network grew significatly as he played football for 20 years in 10 countries including USA, Austria, Germany and Japan. Schnee won championships in France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland as well as 2 European Championships. He possesses now the widest network in Europe and North America with a first hand experience of opportunities, benefits and negociable packages with sponsors.

With both the experience of the athletic side and the business side of a football career, Schnee and his team are able to tailor a career plan that fits best each player individually to maximize success and achieve their goals.


PFI founder Yoan Schnee in action for the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe



Yoan Schnee - Managing Director - PRO FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL LLC

Education: Masters in Financial Engineering, Honors BSc Applied Mathematics, Honors BA in Business Administration

Football experience: 20 years in 10 countries (USA, Japan, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Switzerland...)

Professional football experience: 5 years in NFL Europe (20 catches, 139 yards, 1 touchdown), NFL Europe champion 2005 (1 catch, 5 yards)

Player Record:

2012 European champion European Champions League

2012, 2011, 2010 Swiss national champion         Swiss League division 1

2010 European champion European League (“UEFA” style)

2010 Swiss League Most Valuable Player Swiss League division 1

2008 German national champion                        German League division 1

2007, 2003 World Cups - Team Captain Tokyo, Japan and Frankfurt, Germany – 3rd and 4th place

2007 Danish national champion                         Danish League division 1

2006 NFL Europe finalist                                   NFL Europe League

2005 NFL Europe champion NFL Europe League

2002, 1999, 1998 French national champion       French League division 1



PFI record: We have been working with most teams in the European top 20 and with more than 80 former NFL players now. Several of our players are in NFL, CFL and UFL after their playing in Europe.

PFI players have been leading the GFL in rushing yards, total yards, scoring, total tackles, tackles for loss and sacks. Also in 2010, PFI players have lead the AFL in passing yards, scoring, rushing and total yards.

In 2008 and 2009, PFI players were awarded both MVP trophies (RB Andrew in 2008 and RB McCants in 2009).


Represented by PRO FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL since 2008,
RB Michael Andrew led his team to a GermanBowl win, was awarded
an MVP award and secured pro contracts each of the following years



Outstanding NCAA players can benefit significantly from European Leagues to continue their career at a high level, polish their skills and work hard to reach their goal.

Players who have not been active in full game conditions for an extended period of time will be able to sharpen their skills, get new film showcasing their latest performances and be at their best for future try-outs and camps in NFL, UFL and CFL.

PRO FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL has signed more former NFL players on top teams than any sport management agency in Europe.


Former Michigan Wolverine and NFL standout linebacker Chris Graham
in action in Germany before finding success in CFL in 2011.



At PRO FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL we understands that each athlete is given one career. It is our responsibility as agents to provide each client with superior representation with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and loyalty. PFI’s representation will not cease upon the client’s fulfillment in sports, it will continue beyond life as an athlete. PFI will pride itself on educating each client through all on and off the field endeavors and will tailor its approach to better suit that individual's needs.

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