At PRO FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL we beleive that the European football community is a big familly. Our members have acheived some of the greatest success in this sport, playing at the highest level in NCAA and winning the World Bowl in NFL Europe.

This is why we volunteer to work with young European football players to help them make the best of their talent and achieve their dream to play at the next level in college in the US or in Canada.

For 2 years now, we have successfully placed several players in US colleges (NCAA) and in Canada (CIS).

Tissi Robinson from Hannover and Daniel Schober from Munich are the latest young players to sign scholarships in Canada with our cooperation.

We strongly beleive that youth European players are amongst the very best student athletes in the world and in the future years, we will continue to help these young men achieve their dream to play college football at the highest level.


Daniel Schober


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